A podcast on New South Wales and the Great War

In March I addressed a lunchtime seminar of the Royal Australian Historical Society and talk to them about the book. The Society then suggested I turn the talk into a podcast, so I had a go. It was interesting recording the podcast – I tried to use the radio trick of talking like you are having a conversation with a friend, except if I really was having a conversation with a friend it wouldn’t sound as formal or polite as this.

There is no MP3 for this, you have to watch it on YouTube, but that’s cool because then you can see the images I’m talking about.

One thought on “A podcast on New South Wales and the Great War”

  1. In 2003 the Library Council of New South Wales established two honorary fellowships, to be awarded to the top shortlisted applications received for the CH Currey Memorial Fellowship and the Nancy Keesing Fellowship.

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